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MCF Student Services 
ACT Snapshot Test Program
Free & Easy! This test assessment includes a written analysis on how your student could improve their ACT Score!
ACT Strategic Training Class
Increase your chances to get into the college of your choice and receive merit aid! Classes are designed for students to improve ACT Scores.
View entire ACT Training Schedule here!
Essay Writing Support
Learning how to secure money for college!
The MCF counselor assists students in developing their best writing skills for college essays and scholarships.
College Scholarship Program
Developing the process of  applying for Scholarships which are designed to organize and increase opportunities for achieving scholarships. Classes for students & parents are available as well as individual sessions.
Career & College Selection Counseling
Assisting your student with researching their Career Path and selecting the appropriate colleges to apply to. Individual Career & College Selection Counseling is available with the MCF counselor.
The tutoring is designed for grades starting at Pre-K through Advanced College. Our qualified tutors design individualized programs based on their student's school curriculum, testing schedule and personalized needs.
College Planning MI, Student Financial Aid Planning - Michigan College Funding - button_viewschedule
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Preparing for College

  • Are you going to get your fair share of College Aid?
  • Do you have your Career Path and College List ready?
  • Have you mapped out all your plans? Before, during and after college?
  • Do you have your resources for college in line and ready to access?
  • Are you on track to maximize any of the eight college aid areas to lower cost?
  • Are your plans in place to pay for college?
Become a member of a group that focuses totally on your college plans and the college process! Wouldn’t it be nice to have help planning for college and have additional support for your family? Well you can, sign up and become a MCF Member today! It’s easy and affordable! Make college fun and memorable with the added support by becoming a new MCF Member!

Popular College Topics

Investing in your Child's Future
College is an investment for your child’s future. The gift of a college education can open the door to a world of opportunity for your child or grandchild. Saving money, even if it’s just a little bit at a time, can make a big difference... Read more
Start Career Planning ASAP!
Many high school students think that career planning is something that begins once they have entered college. On the contrary, career planning is a process that begins before high schooland most naturally should... Read more
Academics & College Expenses
Many colleges not only look at GPA and ACT scores, but also a student’s involvement and leadership skills. Some colleges will reward students with Merit Aid, which could help reduce overall college expenses. Read more
Financial Aid & College Expenses
Financial Aid is intended to make up the difference between what your family can afford to pay and what college costs. The majority of full-time students currently enrolled in college receive some type of financial aid... Read more
College Award Letter Accepted
After filling out the required college forms, the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA), the CSS/Profile Form (required by some colleges) and any other college forms, your next step is to wait for a response... Read more
Scholarship Money
Many individuals and small organizations offer scholarships to help students pay for higher education. It is not uncommon for private scholarship providers to attach detailed eligibility criteria to their awards, however... Read more